About Our Site

We are a fan site dedicated the the genre of metal music. We cover all aspects of metal from classic rock to death metal. Our aim is to keep our readers up to date on the latest metal news, artist information and can’t miss show announcements. Although our focus is on general Heavy metal, we provide lots of resources across all metal genres including alt metal, death metal as well as covering some classic rock acts.

My favorite metal bands are Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Mastodon and of course the legendary Ronnie James Dio. Although these classic metal bands I have followed for some time and watched them shape my life through the years I feel we are lucky with a lot of upcoming and talented new metal artists and I love sharing, discovering and discussing new metal acts.

About Me

I am an avid music lover and been a metal head since the mid 80’s. I can still remember my first Iron Maiden show back in ’85. It was the World Slavery tour with Twisted Sister as the opening act and they were promoting their Powerslave album . We arrived late of course and missed the opener but the raw power show made me a fan of metal ever since. The community and crowd energy was unlike anything I had ever experienced and all I knew was I needed more…

You will find I am pretty lax for the most part and enjoy feedback from our community members. One thing I do not tolerate is trolls. If you are here to troll, I will kick your ass off the site in no time flat. So let’s behave ourselves and rock out and discuss some great metal songs.

If you ever need to contact us regarding the site or to provide suggestions, I have my contact info on our contact page.